My research interests are eclectic and diverse.  My primary research interests are in signaling as a way of alleviating asymmetry in the marketplace.  However, because of my background in statistics and research methods I’ve done work in a number of diverse areas from hybrid cars to counterfeit goods.

Below are links to my most recent articles:

Majid, Kashef A., and Michel Laroche (Forthcoming), “What’s the big deal? How sales promotions displayed by others online can influence online and offline purchase intentions”, Journal of Interactive AdvertisingWhat’s the big deal – Final

Majid, Kashef A., and Mooweon Rhee (2018), “Firm/ Product Reputation and New Product Recalls”, Marketing Intelligence and PlanningMIP-11-2017-0309

Majid, Kashef A., and Hari Bapuji (Forthcoming), “Institutional Differences and Integration Difficulties: How Location of Headquarters and Component Sourcing Affect Firm Responsiveness”, International Marketing Review Institutional Differences and Integration Difficulties – IMR – 2018

Majid, Kashef A. (2017), “Drawing negative inferences from a positive country-of-origin image – Consumers use of COI and price levels to assess counterfeit drugs”, International Marketing Review, 34 (2), 293-310. Drawing negative inferences from a positive country-of-origin image – Near Final

Majid, Kashef A., and Cristel A. Russell (2015), “Giving green a second thought: Modeling the value retention of green products in the secondary market”, Journal of Business Research, 68 (5): 994-1002 Majid and Russell – Green a second thought – JBR 2015

Majid, Kashef A., Andrew Bryant, and Pradeep A. Rau (2014), “Name your price’ – online auctions and reference prices”, Journal of Product and Brand Management, 23 (6): 420-428 Name your price – JPBM – 2014