I’ve posted links to the following presentations below:

Majid, Kashef A., Kenneth Vukmanic, and Sara Armor (2017), “Should we live in the moment or plan to anticipate the event,” presented at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas (February 18 – 20).  SPSP Poster – Anticipation – October 2016

Majid, Kashef A. and Mooweon Rhee (2014), “Firms Reputation as Asset, Product Reputation as Liability: A Study of New Product Recalls Over Time,” presented at the INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Atlanta, Georgia (June 12-14). Product and Firm Reputation – INFORMS Marketing Science – June 14 2014

Majid, Kashef A. and Madeleine Bate (2014), “Breadth vs. Depth – Linking Network Shape to Revenues, a Study of the Dispersion of Film Trailers via Twitter,” poster presented at the 2014 American Marketing Association Winter Educators Conference, Orlando, Florida (February 21-23). AMA 2014 Poster v3