In all of my classes I try to do something that creates a  unique experience for students and helps to give them an advantage when they are on the job market.  The classes I usually teach are as follows:

FSEM – Finding Bad

This is a first year seminar course that explores what happens when we can’t differentiate between good and bad.  We discuss what happens when schools can’t differentiate between good students and bad, law enforcement can’t differentiate between suspects and criminals, and consumers can’t differentiate between good and bad products.  The last time we offered this course our class took a tour of the FBI headquarters of DC (courtesy of an alumnus).

Mktg 301 – Principles of Marketing

What’s Different? – In groups students use augmented reality to develop their own advertising.  If you aren’t sure what augmented reality is then check out this video by Disney.

Mktg 460 – International Marketing

In this class we use our knowledge of different countries to complete two projects.  In the first project we are creating advertisements for the Fredericksburg Department of Tourism to attract international visitors for Fredericksburg.  In the second project we create gift boxes that we will (hypothetically) ship to another country, the gift boxes must be managed so as to provide benefit while keeping costs low.

For an outline of these courses please visit the UMW course catelog